Lake Urmia Water Level Reaches 5bln Cubic Meters

Head of Lake Urmia Restoration Project Farhad Sarkhosh said Monday that the volume of the lake’s water has reached 5 billion cubic meters, showing a 650 million-cubic-meters rise compared with the same date last year.

Sarkhosh said that now the lake’s level stands at 1,271.8 meters above sea level, or 21 centimeters more than the water level on last year’s same day, thanks to the heavy rainfalls for the recent months.
“The lake is now covering some 3,178 square kilometers of land, indicating a 142 square km increase since last year,” he added.
Shared between West Azarbaijan and East Azarbaijan provinces in northwestern Iran, Lake Urmia, was once the largest salt-water lake in West Asia.
Lake Urmia, located between East and West Azerbaijan provinces, began drying up in the mid-2000s. According to international statistics, the lake lost about 80% of its waterbed by 2015.

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