Daily disinfection of monuments and tourist attractions of Isfahan

tourist attractions of Isfahan

Daily disinfection of monuments and tourist attractions of Isfahan

Disinfection of buildings to prevent corona virus

Isfahan Province Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts announced the daily disinfection of historical monuments and tourist attractions in the province in order to combat coronary artery disease.

Daily disinfection operations in monuments

“According to the planning, there are currently around 500 historical and tourism complexes throughout the province at the headquarters for tourists to visit, with daily disinfection and disinfection operations,” Fereidun Allahyari said. It will. “

Minimize Corona in monuments

“Fortunately we are in the winter now and domestic and foreign trips are naturally tapering off, so we are trying to think of measures to minimize potential damage from coronary artery disease in these complexes,” he added.

Two courses of health education for staff

Allahyari emphasized: “Since 3 weeks ago, in coordination with Isfahan Health Center, two courses have been organized for staff of monuments and tourist attractions especially in Isfahan and also with coordinated detergents and disinfectants. “The authorities are building and attracting the province.”

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