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Mashhad could be the destination of neurosurgery in Iran

neurosurgery in Iran

Mashhad could be the destination of neurosurgery in Iran

Dr. Hadi Mousavi’s notes

A note by Dr. Hadi Mousavi Mohammadi, deputy of police and Secretary of Propaganda commission of Mashad Medical Council:

Shiraz Neurosurgery Department in Iran

As Shiraz is known as the hub for the treatment of liver diseases and liver transplantation in Iran, Mashhad can also be a neurosurgical pole in Iran and relying on the same empowerment to widespread absorption of foreign patients.

Foreign tourists visit for medical treatment

Neurosurgery in Mashhad follows the highest global standards in the field, and many health tourists refer to Iran from regional countries for neurosurgery.

Mashhad hosts several health tourists.

Of course, almost mashhad in all medical and surgical fields has a high standard level and for example, Mashhad in the field of reconstructive surgery is in a very favorable situation. In this field, we also host several health tourists annually in Mashhad.

Foreign patient recruitment in Mashhad

Although Mashhad has taken great steps in the field of attracting foreign patients, but to increase the attraction of health tourism in Mashhad, there must be several measures to make a significant acceleration of the foreign patient’s attraction in Mashhad.

Trust between health tourism and medical centers in Mashhad

In the first place, there must be a trust discussion between health tourism and medical centers in Mashhad, so that with different mechanisms, the trust of health tourists was attracted to the high standard of medical services in Mashhad.

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