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106 Thousand Tons of Rice Cleared from Customs This Year

Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi, said: “Since the beginning of 1999 until today, more than 106 thousand tons of foreign rice has been cleared from the country’s customs.”

A spokesman for Iran’s customs said: “In addition to the 106,000 tons of rice that have been definitively cleared, 114,000 tons of rice worth $ 98 million have been licensed at customs since the beginning of the year and are ready for clearance.”

He added: “The rice that has been declared is going through the customs clearance procedure for clearance and in order to expedite the clearance of these goods, according to the customs instructions, they will be cleared as a percentage in coordination with the relevant agencies.”

Latifi said that the parties to the deal were to import existing rice from India, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey and the UAE. , Bushehr and Mashhad follow.

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