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1,500bln Tomans of Fresh Investments Enter Stock Market Daily

Hassan Qalibafasal, in response to the question of whether the capital market has found enough depth to enter the new liquidity and attract new customers, said: “The capital market has already grown, the market volume has reached 4200 thousand billion tomans, considering The fact that people are lucky enough to invest in the stock market is a great way for liquidity to enter the stock market, which is an opportunity.

He said: “People are willing to invest in the stock market and now it shows that the traction market has attracted the initial supply of companies and there is an opportunity for companies to finance the stock market.”

The head of the Securities Exchange Organization said: “The government is handing over companies through the Privatization Organization. Also, banks’ subsidiaries have found a good opportunity to invest in the stock market. Companies can easily finance through the stock exchange and stock exchanges can take advantage of cash opportunities.” Market to increase capital and implement your plans and projects.

Qalibafasil said: “With the boom in the capital market, new companies can enter the market and start offering their shares, thereby increasing capital.”

According to him, there is a good opportunity to finance listed companies through the capital market, there is a demand to buy stocks in the market, so valuable stocks should be offered in the market and companies can also finance with the liquidity collected in the market. To pay.

The head of the Securities Exchange Organization also said in response to the question whether the value of one-day trading on the stock exchange and over-the-counter reaches about 18.5 thousand billion tomans, whether it is attracted to listed companies: “People who buy and sell on the stock exchange enter with small and small currencies.” In some days, the value of these transactions has reached over 18,000 billion tomans. This money goes to shareholders of large institutions, sometimes people buy these shares, as well as the Privatization Organization and the government to finance them, but an average of 1,500 every day. Billions of tomans of new money will enter the stock market.

According to him, law firms sell stocks and finance where they need to, which of course should not be limited to financing, but also increase the capital of stock companies and through initial public offering of stocks and the issuance of participation bonds by public institutions. Investment institutions should finance and help balance the market.

The head of the Securities Exchange Organization said: “The golden opportunity in the capital market has been provided by the presence of people and micro-capitals. Companies can take advantage of this opportunity, the culture of shareholding in the country must be expanded.

* Number of stock market customers strike a record

Referring to the last initial public offering on the stock exchange, Qalibafasal said: “In the initial public offering of Pegah Gilan, 2 million and 350 thousand people were buyers of shares, which shows that people have welcomed the stock exchange. Currently, 11 million people in the country have stock exchange trading codes and this potential It is very good in the country.

“You don’t want to increase the number of brokerages by e-government offices and counters,” he said. “Now in e-government counters, as well as brokerages, there are export banks, Ayandeh, Bank Shahr, It is possible to issue a stock exchange code and authentication, and people can easily do so.

He also said: “We have instructed the Central Depository Company to conduct the online and offline customer identification process in the comprehensive customer information system, SJAM, within the next one or two days.”

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