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Monday, April 20th, 2020


Tomb of Great Poet Saadi on His Commemoration Day

April 24th marks the annual occasion of Sheikh Ajal Saadi Shirazi’s commemoration. Saadi Shirazi is one of the prominent poets and writers of the seventh century AH, whose most notable works include Bustan and Golestan. For years, his lovers used to gather in his tomb in the southern Iran city of Shiraz at this day to pay tribute to the grand world-known poet but this year the tomb which is a frequent destination for huge numbers of both domestic and international tourists was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Courtesy:Read More

Take a Virtual Tour of These Five Famous UNESCO Sites

But many of those tours are underwhelming. They don’t work, or it’s simply too hard to locate the 360-degree imagery. To remedy that, here are five easy-to-navigate tours of inspirational UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world. Tiptoe across Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge With China apparently succeeding (for now) at containing Covid-19, locals and tourists have been unable to venture to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, part of the breathtaking Wulingyuan UNESCO site in the country’s Hunan province. China’s Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is one of the longest and highest glass bridges inRead More

India Upgrades to Fifth Place in Health Tourism Industry

The global medical tourism market will be worth $ 54 billion and is projected to grow 13 percent annually by 2025. Meanwhile, India’s $ 9 billion medical tourism industry is recognized as the world’s fifth largest medical tourism market by 2020. With the rising cost of health care in developed countries, India’s medical tourism market is expanding. The main drivers of the growth of medical tourism in India are cheap access to standard health care, the availability of the latest medical technology and the minimum waiting time to receive medicalRead More