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Tuesday, May 5th, 2020


Corona Reduces Income of Handicraft Workers

Khatereh Ostad Rezaei, referring to women’s activities in cooperatives, said: “Currently, 10 to 12 percent of cooperatives are run by women in the field of carpets, handicrafts, small and high-yield industries, home-based businesses and the food industry, including agriculture.” And its affiliates are active. Referring to the problems facing women’s cooperatives, she said: “Currently, cooperatives and activists in the field of handicrafts and tourism in the field of insurance and social security are facing problems, and in the past few years we have been able to separate this sector withRead More

“Theater, Online”, How Performing Arts Responds to Deadly Virus in Iran

 After the end of the Fajr International Theater Festival, at the end of Bahman 98, many plays had started their public performances, and the time for closing the theaters on the third of Esfand was only a few days after their public performances. Early in the new year, they put their plays on stage, became indecisive and worried, because with the spread of the disease and the rising death toll, it was not clear how long the crisis was going to last, so virtually all projects were being prepared, rehearsedRead More

1,500bln Tomans of Fresh Investments Enter Stock Market Daily

Hassan Qalibafasal, in response to the question of whether the capital market has found enough depth to enter the new liquidity and attract new customers, said: “The capital market has already grown, the market volume has reached 4200 thousand billion tomans, considering The fact that people are lucky enough to invest in the stock market is a great way for liquidity to enter the stock market, which is an opportunity. He said: “People are willing to invest in the stock market and now it shows that the traction market hasRead More

Iran Pays Tribute to Outstanding Literary Translator, Najaf Daryabandari

Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts described him as a multidisciplinary researcher in the field of literature and intangible heritage In a message, Ali Asghar Monsan expressed his condolences on the death of “Najaf Daryabandari”, a well-known writer and translator in our country. He said: “The cultural and literary community of the country mourned the loss of one of the greatest, most active and influential figures in the field of literature and translation. The late Najaf Daryabandari was not only a prolific writer and translator, but also aRead More