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Malayer, Lalejin designated as “creatative cities” of Iranian culture and art

IRANIANS DAILY – The cities of Lalejin and Malayer in Hamedan province were introduced in the handicrafts sector as a network of creative cities in the country. The first phase of this project started in the summer of 1398 by announcing the call and readiness of 367 cities for participation and then by holding cultural and artistic programming workshops with the presence of representatives of Islamic Culture and Guidance Departments, each city municipality and the head of cultural and artistic associations of all participating cities. Provincial centers, including Hamedan, wereRead More

Reconstruction projects in Samarra, Iraq, started

IRANIANSDAILY – Sami al-Ghallab, head of the Iraqi parliament’s culture, tourism and antiquities committee, announced the reconstruction projects of the city of Samarra as the capital of Islamic civilization will start in the coming days. The culture commission, as a member of the committee overseeing the implementation of the reconstruction law of Samarra as the capital of Islamic civilization, visited this holy historical city in Salah al-Din province in order to start the projects specified by the law. Reconstruction projects will include all parts of the city and its alleys,Read More

Passengers’ reluctance makes Turkish tickets cheaper

IRANIANS DAILY – Passengers’ reluctance to travel Turkish flights, has led to a significance drop in its ticket prices. Mohammad Hassan Zibakhsh, spokesman for Iran’s Civil Aviation Authority, has said that all tours in Turkey are still canceled. It should be noted that Turkish flights are still operating, but due to the special COVID-19 conditions of Turkey, passengers do not welcome these conditions. Only 5% of flights are operated to Turkey, and due to the conditions created in this country, none of the shopping centers, shops or tourist centers areRead More

Persian Gulf and identity of a land called Iran

IRANIANS DAILY – In the millennia BC, the Elamites recognized the Persian Gulf as the Holy Mother, and after that, the economic and security measures of the Achaemenids and Sassanids all show the colorful role and special place of the Persian Gulf. Galia the Righteous, a Cultural Heritage expert, wrote that the Persian Gulf has a long-standing connection with Iranian identity, territorial territory, and Iranian history and culture. From the very beginning of the formation of the first political governments in the Central Plateau of Iran, the Persian Gulf hasRead More

Nowruz, an Ancient cultural heritage and great Iranian holiday

IRANIANS  – Nowruz has a long history in this ancient land. With its arrival, a new and fresh transformation is created in the nature. It adds beauty and radiance to the nature and the transformation it brings to the nature inspires love in people. Nowruz is one of the happiest days that Iranians celebrate every year and mark it as an ancient national holiday in the most beautiful way. This tradition is rooted in our Iranian culture; in fact, holding celebrations has a high place in the culture of Iran.Read More