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Anti-Corona committee formed in Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Anti-Corona committee formed in Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Anti-Corona committee formed in  Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Establish an Anti-Criminal Committee within the Ministry

The Deputy Director of Development of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts announced the establishment of an anti-Corona committee at the ministry.

They are active members of the Anti-Corruption Committee

Mohammad Khayatian, said the committee was formed by the deputy director of development of the ministry of culture, tourism and handicrafts in the ministry and Alireza Mahmoudi Ashtiani, director of support affairs as secretary, and Ali Haji Shizari, director of human resources and welfare as a member of the anti-corruption committee. Are active.

Disinfectants in ministries

“We have health inspections at the entrance and crossings of the ministry and all the items needed for environmental and personal disinfection are available in various departments of the ministry,” he said in a visit we had with the ministry’s staff today Could not report.

Buy digital thermometers for constant monitoring of colleagues

Tailors have purchased a number of digital thermometers for continuous monitoring of colleagues in the ministry, as well as ministry physicians and their colleagues go to different departments of the ministry and associate body temperature, the tailors said, referring to preventive measures at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Crafts. They check the anthropologist and, if in doubt, send them to medical centers for testing.

Coronavirus is widespread in Huawei, China

Corona virus> The official name of “Corvid-1” virus has spread since December last year in Huawei province of China and has so far affected tens of thousands of people and claimed the lives of nearly 6,000 people.

The status of people with the virus

The head of the Public Relations and Information Center at the Ministry of Health said: “The number of people with coronary artery disease has been”> 5 in the country so far, with 6 people being discharged and recovered, and 4 people dead.

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