Iran’s Agriculture Focusing on Development of Greenhouses

“Mohammad Ali Tahmasebi” in the video conference meeting of this deputy with the provincial managers regarding the plans for the year 1999, added: Reach. He said: […]

New Financial Resources for Exporters, Investors in Water-Electricity Industry

According to Satkab news website, the memorandum of understanding between the two sides to use the economic, research and marketing capacities of the parties in increasing […]

106 Thousand Tons of Rice Cleared from Customs This Year

Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi, said: “Since the beginning of 1999 until today, more than 106 thousand tons of foreign rice has been cleared from the country’s customs.” […]

Iranian Province Exports Over $100,000 Worth Of Handicraft

Mehrdad Raeesi told IRNA that it mostly included traditional jewelry items, adding that they were mostly exported to Turkey, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), France […]

Theater Troupes Energize Iranians in Anti-Coronavirus Campaign

The performances of the troupes are being filmed at Tehran Theater Complex and are being published on the social networking sites. Earlier, some celebrated musicians in […]

Women Breathing New Life into Iran’s Qanats Using Handicrafts Revenues

It has been years that women in villages on the outskirts of the city of Shahdad in the southeastern Iranian province of Kerman have not only kept alive […]

Corona Reduces Income of Handicraft Workers

Khatereh Ostad Rezaei, referring to women’s activities in cooperatives, said: “Currently, 10 to 12 percent of cooperatives are run by women in the field of carpets, […]

“Theater, Online”, How Performing Arts Responds to Deadly Virus in Iran

 After the end of the Fajr International Theater Festival, at the end of Bahman 98, many plays had started their public performances, and the time for […]

1,500bln Tomans of Fresh Investments Enter Stock Market Daily

Hassan Qalibafasal, in response to the question of whether the capital market has found enough depth to enter the new liquidity and attract new customers, said: […]

Iran Pays Tribute to Outstanding Literary Translator, Najaf Daryabandari

Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts described him as a multidisciplinary researcher in the field of literature and intangible heritage In a message, Ali […]

UNESCO Hails Initiatives of Yazd amid Pandemic

Mohsen Abbasi added that a video clip aiming at introducing Yazd and its moves carried out to fight against coronavirus pandemic was created and went viral […]

Mountain in Swiss Lit Up with Projection of Iran’s Flag

As the Swiss embassy announced on an Instagram post on Sunday, the red, white and blue emblem was projected onto the Matterhorn, a mountain of the […]

Breakthrough Discovery in HIV Research

“This functional diversity is essential for the virus to replicate in the body. The virus has to have a proper balance between the two forms of […]

Lake Urmia Water Level Reaches 5bln Cubic Meters

Sarkhosh said that now the lake’s level stands at 1,271.8 meters above sea level, or 21 centimeters more than the water level on last year’s same […]

Iran to Take Back Relics from Europe via Interpol

“According to the Interpol, a European bank was repairing its building. They reopened the safe deposit box inside the bank during which they realized that the […]

Virtual Home Baking Festival Will Be Held in Zanjan

According to Ayar Eqtesad, quoting the Zanjan Cultural Heritage Office, Amir Arjomand said that the provincial festival of home baking for the holy month of Ramadan […]

Persian Gulf, Witness to Iran’s Brilliant History

The arrival of the 10th of Ordibehesht, the National Day of the Persian Gulf, is a reminder of the authority, glory and hope of Iran and […]

Iran Celebrates Persian Gulf National Day

The Persian Gulf borders Iran to the north, Kuwait and Iraq to the west, and Bahrain, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates to the south. It […]

World of Tourism to Grow more Intellectually Smart in Post-Corona Era

Ali Shadlou, a tourism teacher and crisis management expert, told Mehr about the post-Corona tourism situation: “Crisis has always been instructive, even in the field of […]

Chess Legend Kasparov to Take Part in Online Nations Cup Tournament

According to the Guardians, some big names from recent decades will take part as Russia, the United States, Europe, China, India and a Rest of the World […]

Electronic Filing System of Historical Monuments Will Be Launched

“Last year, we focused on strengthening the private sector and cooperating with the sector, based on the policies of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and […]

Tomb of Great Poet Saadi on His Commemoration Day

April 24th marks the annual occasion of Sheikh Ajal Saadi Shirazi’s commemoration. Saadi Shirazi is one of the prominent poets and writers of the seventh century […]

Take a Virtual Tour of These Five Famous UNESCO Sites

But many of those tours are underwhelming. They don’t work, or it’s simply too hard to locate the 360-degree imagery. To remedy that, here are five […]

India Upgrades to Fifth Place in Health Tourism Industry

The global medical tourism market will be worth $ 54 billion and is projected to grow 13 percent annually by 2025. Meanwhile, India’s $ 9 billion […]

A Pleasant Tour of Beautiful Plain, “Shimbar”


In Azerbaijan, Carpet Artisans Quietly Preserving Age-Old Traditions

In the ancient world, carpet commerce along the famed Silk Road was valued by weight like precious metals. So it is no wonder that a nation […]

South African Tourism May be One of Worst-hit by COVID19

In recent years, South Africa has attracted more than 10 million foreign tourists each year and ecently set a target of raising this to 21 million […]

Travel Restrictions Violate International Law

From China’s lockdown of the city of Wuhan to U.S. restrictions on travelers from Europe to border closures across a widening range of countries, governments are […]

Coronavirus Cancels Nature’s Day Celebrations in Iran

Iranians have been strongly advised to stay home and authorities have banned gatherings and introduced other restrictions as the country seeks to push back against the […]
Turkey sees increase of incoming tourists from Iran

Turkey Sees Increase of Incoming Tourists from Iran

Turkey sees increase of incoming tourists from Iran Increasing Iranian tourism in Turkey Over 2.1 million tourists from Iran visited Turkey in 2019, which is 5.05 […]

Iranian Tour Guides ‘Messengers of Peace and Friendship’: Minister

He made the remarks in a statement issued on Saturday to mark the International Tourist Guide Day, which is globally celebrated of February 21. “I congratulate […]
Turkey's majestic Mount Nemrut continues to attract

Turkey ‘s majestic Mount Nemrut continues to attract

Mountain of Gods salutes Anatolia, Turkey Turkey’s majestic Mount Nemrut continues to attract There are few places on Earth that beguile visitors with majesty and a […]
Museum of Communication

Post and Telegraph Museum or Communication Museum

Museum of Communication Post and Telegraph Museum Reconstructed Museum Post and Telegraph Museum or Communication Museum is one of the museums of Tehran province located in […]
Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus outbreak

Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus

Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus outbreak Surgeons training in developing countries  Montgomery is the head team physician with the New York Jets, as well […]
No mention of slaves in US 'honor roll' of historic places

No mention of slaves in US ‘honor roll’ of historic places

No mention of slaves in US ‘honor roll’ of historic places Build southwest Antebellum farms on slave support Antebellum Southern plantations were built on the backs […]
The Ghost Town of Venice and a ruining tourism economy

The Ghost Town of Venice and a ruining tourism economy

The Ghost Town of Venice and a ruining tourism economy Canceling a trip to Venice is a reason for the Corona outbreak Known for its crushing […]