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Iran’s Agriculture Focusing on Development of Greenhouses

“Mohammad Ali Tahmasebi” in the video conference meeting of this deputy with the provincial managers regarding the plans for the year 1999, added: Reach. He said: “The horticultural sector has a lot to say about the leap in production; if we work on nutrition and pruning of the branches, the garden products will increase from 20 million tons to 60 million tons.” The Deputy Minister of Horticulture of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture emphasized on the implementation of resistance economy projects of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture, includingRead More

New Financial Resources for Exporters, Investors in Water-Electricity Industry

According to Satkab news website, the memorandum of understanding between the two sides to use the economic, research and marketing capacities of the parties in increasing the penetration rate of export credit insurance services and improving the service distribution network and attracting and retaining new and current customers in this field. The meeting of Mohammad Wali Aladdini, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Satkab Company, was signed with Afrooz Bahrami, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran. Introducing theRead More

106 Thousand Tons of Rice Cleared from Customs This Year

Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi, said: “Since the beginning of 1999 until today, more than 106 thousand tons of foreign rice has been cleared from the country’s customs.” A spokesman for Iran’s customs said: “In addition to the 106,000 tons of rice that have been definitively cleared, 114,000 tons of rice worth $ 98 million have been licensed at customs since the beginning of the year and are ready for clearance.” He added: “The rice that has been declared is going through the customs clearance procedure for clearance and in order toRead More

Iranian Province Exports Over $100,000 Worth Of Handicraft

Mehrdad Raeesi told IRNA that it mostly included traditional jewelry items, adding that they were mostly exported to Turkey, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), France and Germany. The province has 12,000 handicraft artists who work in 52 fields, including carpet, kilim, giveh (kind of shoes), etc.

Theater Troupes Energize Iranians in Anti-Coronavirus Campaign

The performances of the troupes are being filmed at Tehran Theater Complex and are being published on the social networking sites. Earlier, some celebrated musicians in the country have started creating songs to invigorate Iranians to this end. The outbreak of dangerous coronavirus (COVID-19) has been affecting the world for a number of months requiring a collective campaign of the international community to thwart the threat posed to humanity by the pandemic.