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Corona Reduces Income of Handicraft Workers

Khatereh Ostad Rezaei, referring to women’s activities in cooperatives, said: “Currently, 10 to 12 percent of cooperatives are run by women in the field of carpets, handicrafts, small and high-yield industries, home-based businesses and the food industry, including agriculture.” And its affiliates are active.

Referring to the problems facing women’s cooperatives, she said: “Currently, cooperatives and activists in the field of handicrafts and tourism in the field of insurance and social security are facing problems, and in the past few years we have been able to separate this sector with separate and micro insurance.” Let’s keep it. Unfortunately, there is no specific support fund or credit that can be injected into handicraft production units as a matter of urgency and reduce some of the losses incurred by manufacturing workshops.

According to Professor Rezaei, the Investment Guarantee Fund of the Cooperative Sector guarantees projects that have an economic justification and can be invested in order to support cooperatives up to 500 million Tomans.

The CEO of the Tehran Handicrafts Cooperatives Union further stated about Corona’s impact on the field of handicrafts: It has been affected in such a way that most of the activities have been interrupted and closed.

He added: “In order to reduce the losses of the activists of this sector, we have put the online sale of handicrafts on the agenda so that the activists of handicrafts can follow their activities in the context of social networks and internet sites.”

Professor Rezaei mentioned the regulation of special handicraft packages and the provision of discounts for the purchase of handicrafts as other measures taken to support the activists of the handicrafts sector.

At the end of the delay in the payment of bank installments, the head of the Women’s Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives mentioned negotiations on social security insurance and financial support for cooperatives as other measures to reduce the economic damage caused by Corona in the field of women’s cooperatives and handicrafts. Did.

Many businesses and businesses were damaged following the outbreak of corona in the country.

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