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Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus

Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus outbreak

Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus outbreak

Surgeons training in developing countries

 Montgomery is the head team physician with the New York Jets, as well as the president and co-founder of OrthoNations, a nonprofit aimed at training surgeons in developing nations around the world.

Corona outbreak worldwide threat

Each year, Montgomery and his group travel to countries like Vietnam, where they’re headed next, to teach medical professionals a range of procedures from shoulder replacement to elbow and wrist arthroscopy. The coronavirus outbreak now threatens their plans.

Cancel unnecessary trips to China

“Normally, if you are planning to go on a trip to China and something like this happens, you postpone your trip,” Montgomery said. However, in this case, “the hospitals are planning on this and we really want to go.”

Travelers enjoy travel insurance

As a precaution, “I instructed everyone to get travel insurance,” he said. In general, travel insurance will reimburse you should an unforeseen event happen before or during your trip. That can include medical expenses, having to cancel your plans, lost baggage or even flight delays.

60% increase in travelers with health insurance

Researchers at the travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip reported a 60% jump in policies sold since the first travel-related case of coronavirus was detected in the U.S. last month.

Travel to Vietnam for training

OrthoNations president and co-founder, Dr. Kenneth Montgomery, regularly travels with a team of doctors to countries like Vietnam to train medical professionals there. The coronavirus now threatens their upcoming trip.

Increased travel insurance to prevent corona

“We expect this growing demand for travel insurance to continue to rise until the coronavirus outbreak stabilizes,” said Meghan Walch, a product manager for InsureMyTrip.Still, in the case of coronavirus, many policy protections may not apply.

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