Discover the old version of Hafez and formed occasionally


Scholar comments on discovery of old version of Hafez’s court in Netherlands

Find manuscripts of the Supreme Court in Amsterdam

Director of the Center for Microbiology in response to the finding of the manuscripts of the Supreme Court of Hafez in Amsterdam, said that any old work found in the link with the past speakers of Iran is worthy of attention and can be useful.

Manuscripts are the basis of many judgments about literary texts

Kavous Hosnellie about the news that has recently been published in various networks about the case of the old Court of Hafez, said: Manuscripts are the basis of many arbitrations about literary texts. However, the importance and sensitivity of this issue has always been exploited by the use of the most of them in history.

Use this news as advertising

The professor of Shiraz University said first and before any scientific arbitration regarding the authenticity of this version must be originally accessed by the version. Many of these kinds of news are in media advertising.

The number of the keeper’s poems is unknown

He continued: Second, if the published news is correct and the date of the version of the 1462 ad is 866 ah, it can be considered a notable version. But it is unclear what amount of Hafez’s poems will be.

Tips on Divan Hafiz

Add a sense: More importantly, the version of the Supreme Court of Hafez (c) is now available before this date has been written. For example, late Khalkhali’s version is related to the year 827, and the arbitral tribunal, which is currently available to the public, has used this version, including late Qazvini correction and Khanlari recall.

9th Century Divine Law

The keeper continued: late Salim Niksari announced the manuscripts of the Divan-related court of the ninth century in a book with the same name that the Hafiz Center has published it in the year 1380.

Poems by Hafiz International Glory

The director of the Center for Microbiology said, undoubtedly, any old work found in a link with Iran‘s past speakers is worthy of attention and can be useful. In the case of Hafez-Shirazi poetry, the international honors of the Iranian people are important and sensitive.

Not having an impact on the reprint process

A total of this version, if it was completely valid and authentic, it could not have an impact on the process of the typology in the official and informal media. Because it is unlikely to have a new letter among the existing versions of the ninth century.

Formation of the official Hafez court in the Netherlands

In recent days, the news has been achieved by discovering an old version of Hafez’s court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the media and social networks.

Discovery of the court of Hafez in the year 867 AD

The news, which is also accompanied by a short film, is the discovery of the Court of Hafiz and the 867 lunar year, 75 years after the death of Hafiz, which has been confirmed in Baghdad.

Worth a million euros this version

It is announced that the value of this version is estimated to be one million euros, and some of its news channels have introduced the oldest version of Hafez, which is not true.


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