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Electronic Filing System of Historical Monuments Will Be Launched

“Last year, we focused on strengthening the private sector and cooperating with the sector, based on the policies of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts,” he said, referring to the current state of buildings, sites and historical sites in the country. Fortunately, 2009 was the year that the Law on the Protection of Restoration and Restoration of Historical Tissues was passed and announced.

He added that the construction of other devices was also followed up last year. Following this discussion, in accordance with the Sixth Development Plan Law and the Law on the Protection of Restoration and Restoration of Historical Tissues in all provinces, we held meetings with correspondence agencies and departments and institutions that had historical monuments and corresponded with them. These institutions and departments are obliged to take care of the status of their historical monuments from their own funds and under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts. Last year, we used many historic buildings provided by the private sector and government agencies to help set up restoration workshops, and we tried to keep the lights on, even after problems occurred, such as the widespread spread of the coronavirus.

“Early last year, we had rains and floods that damaged some of our country’s buildings and cultural heritage,” said the director general of the Office for the Preservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings, Buildings, and Historic Sites. They have not reached a conclusion.

Ahmadi Rouini said: “We have recently started the implementation of virtual visit plans for historical buildings and sites.” Last year, we keyed in the restoration of the technical and executive system in collaboration with the management organization, and did some of the editing work. We have also launched an electronic file system of historical monuments, and this system will be unveiled on the International Day of Historic Buildings and Sites.

He added: “Launching the electronic file system of historical monuments is a very big infrastructural work, because in the form of all the documents, documents and actions related to historical monuments were collected in one electronic system and from now on all works related to historical monuments will be collected from. They are done through this system.

Ahmadi Rouini said: “Natural disasters cause the most damage to cultural and historical attractions. Of course, our historical monuments have not suffered much damage from natural disasters since the beginning of 1399 until today, but all provinces have been issued directives to prevent injuries caused by natural disasters.” The historical heritage opens the way for gutters and we have periodic monitoring.

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