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Health tourism: A new gateway to earn currency

Health tourism: A new gateway to earn currency

Health tourism: A new gateway to earn currency

Five fold increase in tourism capacity

A professor of health tourism University and researcher, the capacity to increase this type of tourism in the country up to five times the status of the present situation has been neglected

Segmentation of tourist area

Ali Radmand in the professional meeting of tourism and Cultural Heritage Research Institute said: in the field of health tourism, we must first international patients who are divided into three areas of medical tourism, tourist, tourist treatment (Tourist health care) and patient refugees, are separated from one another

Define these patients at the international level

He continued, “each of these international patients in the world has a special definition, which, for example, medical tourism, means that a foreign person travels from his home country with the aim of receiving medical services and refers to another country to receive medical services

The meaning of tourist treatment

Radmand added: Also, the tourist treatment (Tourist health care) means that the tourist has been a healthy person at the time of entering the destination country, but in the destination country, and therefore requires medical care

Increasing international refugees

According to the Public Relations Office of the Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism, he announced other international patients ‘ refugees and their treatment measures in the country

Annual Estimates of Health Tourist Costs

Considering that according to statistics, 176 countries in the world are offering health services to tourists, the health researchers indicated that the turnover of health tourism services was based on international estimates of 439 billion in the year 2018, which was 25 percent in proportion to the previous year

Three to four percent of people around the world travel for medical care

The University professor reminded that three to four percent of the world’s people travel with the intention of receiving medical services, added: According to world Statistics announced, in addition to health tourism, travel to receive the health services in the world is equal to 2.5 trillion dollars in 2017, among which the share of treatments Traditional and complementary supplements have been 360 billion

Iran ranked 41st in quality of service and health

He considered the appropriate destination environment, the advanced healthcare industry and the quality of services from the indicators of international centers in the ranking of the countries of the merchant, and said Canada was the first country and Iran with 36 points in the ranking 41 of this ranking, of course, many health tourists because of the prices  Low and economical to travel to our country

Frequently asked questions about people traveling to other countries for treatment

Radmand continues to plan the question of why people should travel from their country for treatment to other countries, said tourists health in fact to receive quality services in the country of destination, lower cost than their country and a evasion of weakness and lack of service in the country of origin or long Waiting time to receive services travel to other countries

Accept 72 thousand medical tourists

He continued on the proclamation statistics in this regard by the Ministry of Health and said: Last year, 550 thousand medical tourists referred to the 166 of the licensed hospitals, of which 72 thousand people have been admitted

Average cost per health tourist in Iran

The researcher continued that the average cost of any health tourists in Iran was 3 thousand dollars, in fact, 70 percent had referred to the country to receive infertility, eyes, orthopedics and cardiology services

Increase tourism capacity between 2 and 2.5 million

Emphasizing that Iran has the capacity to accept 5 equality in the field of health tourism, it can be said that the number of tourists in the future will be given to 2 to 2.5 million people in the coming years

Problems in tourist attraction methods

Radmand has paid and reiterated the problems and methods of attracting health tourists: 80 to 90% of the tourists entered the country by the broker, and 10 percent remaining in other ways, such as facilitating companies, will travel to the country

Problems attracting health tourists

 He noted at the end: Of course, the problems of attracting health tourists in our country are not due to reasonable ways of entry, a suitable non-branding, and the lack of a dedicated visa for health in Iran

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