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India Upgrades to Fifth Place in Health Tourism Industry

The global medical tourism market will be worth $ 54 billion and is projected to grow 13 percent annually by 2025. Meanwhile, India’s $ 9 billion medical tourism industry is recognized as the world’s fifth largest medical tourism market by 2020.

With the rising cost of health care in developed countries, India’s medical tourism market is expanding. The main drivers of the growth of medical tourism in India are cheap access to standard health care, the availability of the latest medical technology and the minimum waiting time to receive medical care.

Most medical travelers to India come from Asia and Africa. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Calcutta are the most important destinations for medical travelers entering India.

More than 50 percent of medical tourists entering India are from Bangladesh. According to statistics, Bangladesh with 221 thousand medical tourists, Afghanistan with about 55 thousand health tourists, Iraq with 47 thousand health tourists, Maldives with 45 thousand health tourists and Oman with about 28 thousand medical tourists are recognized as the most important applicants in India’s health tourism industry. be.

The number of Indian medical tourists with medical visas has increased from about 10,000 in 2014 to about 480,000 in 2017. There are currently about 38 hospitals and 643 medical centers in India licensed to attract health tourists and provide medical services.

Of course, the health tourism industry in India is also facing serious problems and challenges. For example, there is still no system or mechanism for complaining about Indian medical centers or compensating international patients. Also, if there are unexpected complications in the treatment process, there is no policy to insure foreign patients.

However, India is still an attractive option for health tourists due to the low cost of health care. As India has many tourist attractions and is known as a major tourist destination, it has accelerated the growth of medical tourism in India.

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