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Iran’s Agriculture Focusing on Development of Greenhouses

“Mohammad Ali Tahmasebi” in the video conference meeting of this deputy with the provincial managers regarding the plans for the year 1999, added: Reach.

He said: “The horticultural sector has a lot to say about the leap in production; if we work on nutrition and pruning of the branches, the garden products will increase from 20 million tons to 60 million tons.”

The Deputy Minister of Horticulture of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture emphasized on the implementation of resistance economy projects of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture, including projects of sloping lands, development of greenhouses and fish farming in the sea.

Tahmasebi added: “In total, we have eight projects on the leap of production, the operation of which will be announced to the provinces, which will be based on increasing production, reducing imports and expanding exports.”

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