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Kermanshah 2020» Introduced to 160 countries in the world

The value of Kermanshah in 2020

Kermanshah 2020» Introduced to 160 countries in the world

The value of Kermanshah in 2020 

“Ayar Eqtesad – The unique opportunity to introduce this province to at least 160 countries in 2020 Kermanshah is valuable”, the governor said

Holding this event 11 months ago as a good event

According to the Office of the Cultural Heritage, tourism and handicraft of Kermanshah province Houshang Revand Governor pointed out that the 2020 event has been held for about 11 months, “It is a good opportunity to do this and if we don’t use this time, it will be lost quickly,” he said

Kermanshah as the main face of Iran

He said that we should be 2020 able to introduce Kermanshah as the beautiful face of Islamic Iran to the people of the world, stating: “We must convert the event” Kermanshah 2020  “to a strategic issue for all people in the province and the benefits and achievements for which people are looking for them Be described to have a high participation to implement this event

Oranyat as a valuable work

He said, “at the heart of the International event” Kermanshah 2020 “, we also have a global sign of the historical cultural landscape of Oranyat, which is a valuable work

Uranyat is one of the prospects of this area

“The world record of the historical cultural landscape of Oranyat” helps foreign guests who come to Kermanshah for 2020 event, realizing the importance of the province, which has two global records, one of the ancient scrolls of Bistoon and another beautiful natural area which is close to two Is a kilometer of breadth

Opportunities to increase employment in the region

He further emphasized that “Kermanshah 2020” must play an important role in discussing the establishment of employment in the province, “according to the challenges we have in the province of employment, we have to use this opportunity to work best in the same way

Increased employment due to tourist arrivals in the area

The continuation of the pointed: “When tourism arrives to the region, it helps to promote the economy of the region and its people, and in increasing employment, that we also pursue these issues in Kermanshah, 2020

Kermanshah 2020 Project Implementation Activities

“Also, all executive activities of the province and office of the provinces should be carried out with priority of” Kermanshah 2020 “, the governor said

Kermanshah as the border with Iraq

He referred to the country’s five official borders of Kermanshah with Iraq, calling for the introduction of “Kermanshah 2020” to neighboring provinces in Iraq.

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