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New Financial Resources for Exporters, Investors in Water-Electricity Industry

According to Satkab news website, the memorandum of understanding between the two sides to use the economic, research and marketing capacities of the parties in increasing the penetration rate of export credit insurance services and improving the service distribution network and attracting and retaining new and current customers in this field. The meeting of Mohammad Wali Aladdini, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Satkab Company, was signed with Afrooz Bahrami, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran.

Introducing the Fund’s insurance and guarantee services to guide and attract Iranian exporters, traders and investors in the field of water, electricity and energy, introducing export opportunities for goods and services to companies operating in the water and electricity industry to use the Fund’s capacities and build constructive relations. Interaction with Iranian exporters and investors in facilitating export affairs and the Fund’s cooperation with relevant financial institutions in equipping domestic and foreign financial resources to launch export projects and helping to cover the risks associated with it by the Fund are among the topics of this memorandum.

Also, Satkab’s cooperation with the Fund to credit the companies operating in the water and electricity industry in the field of manufacturing and supplying water, electricity and energy goods and exchanging information and confirming their competence related to overseas or export-oriented projects in the country to improve validation. Customers to issue warranties based on the relevant contracts are other major issues of this memorandum.

Participate in the evaluation of justification plans and initial feasibility studies of export-oriented projects in the country in the field of construction and supply of water, electricity and energy goods, Satkab’s cooperation with the Fund in equipping export financial resources from relevant financial institutions in the pre-shipment stage. Required for companies operating in the water and electricity industry in order to obtain working capital facilities required by exporters by guaranteeing the fund and cooperation of Satkab to encourage potential debtors of the water and electricity industry to pay, receipt of claims and recovery of fund losses in this agreement as the main issues Has been emphasized.

Other issues of this agreement include cooperation and consultation with third-party insurance companies or banks to cover part of the risk of export projects of companies operating in the water and electricity industry, providing consulting services and information exchange and technical knowledge in various fields of business, finance, insurance and technology. The field of manufacturing and supply of water, electricity, energy and related infrastructure by the parties, holding training courses for managers and experts, and joint training workshops and specialized meetings to familiarize companies operating in the water and electricity industry in the form of topics of this memorandum and Review and identify the necessary platforms for equipping Financing requirements in the field of export utilities industry.

****Iran Export Guarantee Fund supports export development of water and electricity industry

According to the public relations of the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran, “Afrooz Bahrami”, CEO of the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran, said on the sidelines of signing the memorandum: “In the year named as the leap of production, concluding a memorandum and developing cooperation with the parent company Electricity (Satkab) can be an effective aid in stimulating foreign demand and exports in the field of technical and engineering services.

He added: “Water and electricity industry as a basic commodity is a prerequisite for all economic and production activities. Fortunately, with the progress made in this industry, great power has been created in exporting technical and engineering services, especially the construction of all power plant sectors and its export to other countries.” Is.

Emphasizing that water and electricity are at the forefront of exporting the country’s technical and engineering services to global standards and competitive with the world’s most famous brands, he continued: “The common strategy of the Fund and Satkab is effective presence in neighboring countries and Satkab’s support.” Private and knowledge-based companies provide a great opportunity to facilitate exports in order to maintain success and influence in export markets, as well as the Fund’s support for these companies to cover export risks and financing together.

Bahrami added: “Political and trade risks are among the main concerns of the private sector, and the fund can create good capacities for the private sector in order to be present in these markets by covering these risks and financing them.”

He expressed hope that the fund would try to provide facilities to exporters by reducing franchises and forgiving crimes in the current situation, and expressed hope that the cooperation between the two groups could increase exports, especially to neighboring countries, and boost production.

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