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Persian Gulf, Witness to Iran’s Brilliant History

The arrival of the 10th of Ordibehesht, the National Day of the Persian Gulf, is a reminder of the authority, glory and hope of Iran and Iranians and a precious legacy that free-thinking Iranians have left for us to always be a source of pride and pride for us and future generations. There is another title for this sea besides the Persian Gulf.

The 10th of Ordibehesht in the national calendar of Islamic Iran is reminiscent of a historic and proud day, a day that ended with the courage and self-sacrifice of the people of the southern region and with the Iranian troops, the colonial domination of the Portuguese on the southern coast of Iran.

The naming of a day as the Persian Gulf National Day goes beyond a historic and eye-catching occasion that foreigners have always sewn on the pearls of southern Iran, to the point that they have repeatedly tried to rename it from this ever-Iranian and Persian sea. They can distort their historical originality and weaken Iran’s authority over this vast area and strategic geography, but blindly, the Persian Gulf has long been a familiar Persian name and identity to the world that will forever remain with this beautiful name. .

The Persian Gulf has always faced greedy and domineering views, but the zealous people of Iran, despite all the conspiracies, have guarded the blue waters with authority and thwarted them.

At the same time, the name of the Persian Gulf is the key word for the unity and solidarity of Iranians around the world and a symbol of the spirit of independence, desire and freedom of the ancient and glorious nation.

The Persian Gulf is a precious door to the cultural and natural heritage of Iranians and the creator of many examples of tangible and intangible national and world heritage in the name of Iran.

The Persian Gulf is not only a name for Iranians, but also a place of honor and sacrifice for all the martyrs who, in order to protect this holy land, repeatedly responded to the gossip of the enemies by sacrificing their lives.

 Future generations must play a strong role in preserving the authenticity, protection and identity of the Persian Gulf as a precious heritage, in order to make Iran and Russia proud and to regret the enemies of history and brilliant religious and national culture.

Genaveh city in the north of Bushehr province is one of the most important and strategic areas of the country located on the shores of the Nigelon coast of the Persian Gulf. Its people have been protecting and protecting this precious heritage with all their heart and soul without any expectations.

Congratulations to the Iranian people on the National Day of the Persian Gulf and its blessed symmetry on the anniversary of the beginning of the glorious and victorious operation in Jerusalem, especially the zealous people of the brave region of the south.

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