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Turkey Sees Increase of Incoming Tourists from Iran

Turkey sees increase of incoming tourists from Iran

Turkey sees increase of incoming tourists from Iran Increasing Iranian tourism in Turkey Over 2.1 million tourists from Iran visited Turkey in 2019, which is 5.05 percent more compared to 2018, Trend reports with reference to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Increased Visits compared to last year The share of Iranian citizens in the total number of foreigners who visited Turkey in 2019 amounted to 4.67 percent.According to the ministry, 134,768 tourist from Iran visited Turkey in December 2019, which is 23.51 percent more compared to December 2018. Antalya’s visitorsRead More

Iranian Tour Guides ‘Messengers of Peace and Friendship’: Minister

He made the remarks in a statement issued on Saturday to mark the International Tourist Guide Day, which is globally celebrated of February 21. “I congratulate this day to the hard-working tour guides and operators who are true ambassadors and messengers of Iranian peace and friendship to the world.” “Choosing a day for tourism guides on the global calendar determines what a valuable role the profession has in the tourism industry and among the world’s most important businesses,” CHTN quoted Mounesan as saying. “In fact, tour guides play a veryRead More