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Theater Troupes Energize Iranians in Anti-Coronavirus Campaign

The performances of the troupes are being filmed at Tehran Theater Complex and are being published on the social networking sites. Earlier, some celebrated musicians in the country have started creating songs to invigorate Iranians to this end. The outbreak of dangerous coronavirus (COVID-19) has been affecting the world for a number of months requiring a collective campaign of the international community to thwart the threat posed to humanity by the pandemic.

Corona Reduces Income of Handicraft Workers

Khatereh Ostad Rezaei, referring to women’s activities in cooperatives, said: “Currently, 10 to 12 percent of cooperatives are run by women in the field of carpets, handicrafts, small and high-yield industries, home-based businesses and the food industry, including agriculture.” And its affiliates are active. Referring to the problems facing women’s cooperatives, she said: “Currently, cooperatives and activists in the field of handicrafts and tourism in the field of insurance and social security are facing problems, and in the past few years we have been able to separate this sector withRead More

“Theater, Online”, How Performing Arts Responds to Deadly Virus in Iran

 After the end of the Fajr International Theater Festival, at the end of Bahman 98, many plays had started their public performances, and the time for closing the theaters on the third of Esfand was only a few days after their public performances. Early in the new year, they put their plays on stage, became indecisive and worried, because with the spread of the disease and the rising death toll, it was not clear how long the crisis was going to last, so virtually all projects were being prepared, rehearsedRead More

Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus

Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus outbreak

Demand for travel insurance spikes amid coronavirus outbreak Surgeons training in developing countries  Montgomery is the head team physician with the New York Jets, as well as the president and co-founder of OrthoNations, a nonprofit aimed at training surgeons in developing nations around the world. Corona outbreak worldwide threat Each year, Montgomery and his group travel to countries like Vietnam, where they’re headed next, to teach medical professionals a range of procedures from shoulder replacement to elbow and wrist arthroscopy. The coronavirus outbreak now threatens their plans. Cancel unnecessary tripsRead More

The Ghost Town of Venice and a ruining tourism economy

The Ghost Town of Venice and a ruining tourism economy

The Ghost Town of Venice and a ruining tourism economy Canceling a trip to Venice is a reason for the Corona outbreak Known for its crushing crowds of tourists, Venice is now all but empty, as travelers cancel over coronavirus fears.First came the flood, then came the disease.Over the past three months, the tourism industry of Venice, has had its share of plagues. The flooding caused by high tides in the city Flooding in November, prompted by exceptionally high tides, led to mass cancellations. Now as Italy experiences the biggestRead More