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the Gorgan wall is the most ancient monument in iran .

the Gorgan wall is the most ancient monument in iran .

Mazandaran  hosts world ‘s second largest defensive wall

The most important brick wall in Iran

This brick wall is a symbol of the north of iran defense system in the past and is one of the most important structures in this country which starts from the border of the caspian sea and leads to the surrounding areas of the zagros mountains in the northeast of iran .

The destruction of the Gorgan Wall by natural factors

The Gorgan wall was completely constructed in accordance with the principles of engineering and in the best form , but unfortunately most of this large wall has been completely destroyed by natural factors today , and only a small part of the collection remains .

Exterior of this wall

in relation to the exterior specifications of the wall , it is necessary to know that the height of the Gorgan wall is different in different sections and it is necessary to mention that this wall is red because of the materials used in its construction . ~~~ therefore , it is mentioned in some historical resources of this wall with red snake or red wall .

This wall is fortified by brick kilns

note that there is a difference between the material and materials used in the construction of the great wall of Gorgan , but the remaining part of this wall is quite brick and the existence of old brick kiln around the wall is likely to amplify any of the brick structures .

Construction of wall by Sasanian order

 the history of the Gorgan wall does not have accurate information about the year of construction and even the makers of the second largest defensive wall in the world , but most researchers believe that this structure has been made by the order of the sasanian court , but most researchers believe that there are other views in this regard .

The wall as a security structure

it is interesting to know that some experts believe that the historic wall of Gorgan has been built at the same time as the chinese wall to deal with the attack on the remaining parts of the wall . ~~~ it is also worth mentioning that the study is active on the remaining parts of the wall , and it was used as a security structure for about a century after construction .

Dam construction at the beginning of the trench

 since it was quite ingenious and methodical , architects had built a barrier at the beginning of the trench so they could fill it with more speed .it should be noted that all of the soils from trench digging were transferred to the back of the wall and used for construction of some kind of trench .this castle is often rectangular and used of brick and brick .

The role of the river in the defensive wall

 water distribution system in Gorgan river is one of the most important rivers in northern iran which plays an important role in the process of establishing the second defensive wall of the world .

Digging long canals in this wall

the Gorgan wall builders , by digging long canals , established a highly developed and applied water system that is now being used to guide the river ‘s water to other areas .

Advanced water system

as noted in the section on the introduction of the wall trench , they filled the trench at the necessary time and it can be said that this is a part of the advanced water system .

Gorgan Wall Features

it is worth mentioning that this valuable structure is recorded in the history of the iranian national antiquities list in july 2006 .

the most important brick wall in the world is the historic wall of Gorgan .

the wall is the third largest historic wall in the world .

the Gorgan wall is the most ancient monument in iran .

in the past , about 10,000 soldiers could be deployed along the wall .

there are several historical references to the existence of Gorgan wall .

Study of various specialists in relation to Gorgan

the first study was carried out to investigate the historic wall of Gorgan city in 1390 . this study is carried out by different experts .

The best season to visit this wall

while the Gorgan wall is located in the northern part of the country , visitors of the north tour can visit it in all seasons but the best time is to visit the Gorgan wall with respect to the weather conditions at the beginning of spring and autumn .

Gorgan wall located in Gorgan

access to the Gorgan wall is located in the most parts of the Gorgan city . tourists who visit the Gorgan city is located in the north of Gorgan . tourists of the north tour should go to the kalaleh village at first to the kalaleh village and the residents of the village can be guides for tourists .



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