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Iran’s natl. tourism brand to be unveiled on Feb. 11

Iran’s natl. tourism brand to be unveiled on Feb. 11

Iran’s natl. tourism brand to be unveiled on Feb. 11

Unveiling of Iranian National Tourism Brand in 2020

Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Ali-Asghar Moonesan said that the national tourism brand of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be unveiled in a glorious ceremony on Feb. 11, 2020

Contribution to tourism development by national brand

He made the remarks on Mon. in the inaugural ceremony of 19 tourism projects in Bushehr province and added, “to help develop and boost tourism industry in the country, the national brand of tourism will be unveiled on Feb. 11

Iran Cooperation with Tourism Organization

Presently, Iran’s CHTH has established fair cooperation and collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (WTO), he stated

Defining tourism budgets

Moreover, the ministry has established very close cooperation and collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the issue of which help specify tourism budgets precisely, he added

Significant growth of employment in the village

The issue of rural employment and ecotourism was one of the drastic measures taken in the government dubbed ‘hope and prudence’, he said, adding, “in this period, welfare and recreational centers increased from 400 to 1,700 centers across the country, showing a considerable growth

Increasing rural tourism

He pointed to the rural tourism field and said, “rural tourism has been developed rapidly in the country. Not only development of rural tourism has prevented migration of villagers to the city, but also reverse migration has been created from cities to villages

Attract foreign and domestic tourists

Ecotourism is one of the subjects that has been highly welcomed by domestic and foreign tourists, minister of CHTH emphasized

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