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Travel industry wary as coronavirus fears grow Spring Break

Travel industry wary as coronavirus fears grow ahead of Spring Break

Travel industry wary as coronavirus fears grow ahead of Spring Break

Increasing Concerns for Vacation Abroad

People preparing for spring break and summer travel may find themselves with growing concerns about overseas vacations.

The emergence of coronavirus in Western Europe

With new cases of the coronavirus popping up in Western Europe, travel agents with Holiday Cruises and Tours in Tallahassee, say they are getting calls from clients asking about their trips.

Quarantine travelers while traveling

Clients’ biggest concern, besides contracting coronavirus, is getting quarantined while on vacation.The travel agents say they are making every effort to calm any fears, and encourage traveling to areas other than China, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Travel insurance does not cover fear

So far, they’ve only had to cancel a handful of people’s trips because of the travel ban.The manager of Holiday Cruises and Tours, Lenny Kopple, says travel insurance doesn’t cover fear, so refunds won’t be issued for trips canceled out of doubt or unease.

Non-payment of travel companies

“If your travel company is still doing a cruise or tour, then no refund,” said Kopple. “If they decide to cancel, then there would be a refund or future credit.”

Travel conditions and bans are updated

Travel agents say they are watching and paying attention to what the World Health Organization, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying to get updates on travel conditions and bans.

The health of passengers

Something of note: Some cruise lines, like Princess Cruise Lines, are having passengers go through additional health screenings or fill out health questionnaires.

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