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Visit the Louvre Museum in Iran

Visit the Louvre Museum in Iran

Visit the Louvre Museum in Iran

The Louvre Museum resembles the Mazandaran Museum

One of the museums in Mazandaran province, according to the appearance of its structure, is the Louvre museum in Iran.

The museum was founded despite being small

According to the Heritage and Tourism Department of the Young Journalists club, museums are one of the attractions of each region, city, or country. Perhaps this is why some people interested in the development of the region’s tourism or the country in which they live, along with regard to and relying on them, are establishedy this place though small.

Establishment of a private museum in Iran

Ali Tavasoli is one of the people who has established a privatethis place in our country.The private this place of Tavassoli, known as the Art Gallery Museum, has a look at the shape of the pyramid, and some people are called the Louvre this place in Iran by seeing this form. The Art Gallery this place is located in west of Mazandaran province.

1800 works of art preserved in this place

The people who visit the of the DJ Gallery will see a few years ‘ effort to collect and maintain artworks. In the this place, the DJ Gallery can be a collectible of several old Benz and mature cars over 1800 art works including one hundred paintings of contemporary Iranian artists and the world, hundreds of attractive statues and old or new artwork made from discarded and non-usable ferrous materials See.

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