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World of Tourism to Grow more Intellectually Smart in Post-Corona Era

Ali Shadlou, a tourism teacher and crisis management expert, told Mehr about the post-Corona tourism situation: “Crisis has always been instructive, even in the field of psychological education.

He added: “In the language of crisis management science, communities that have faced different crises are behaving differently.” For example, Japan is a small country that is considered the safest country against earthquakes because it is located next to the ocean and is constantly affected by earthquakes. They have regulated the biological sciences in such a way that they do not see much damage from earthquakes. This shows how much crisis they have experienced.

“Some communities do not believe in crisis management, and they have the logic that we will finally be able to do it,” he said. They need foreign help because they do not have the means to resolve the crisis. Some societies do not know how to think about the crisis and cure it after the event.

“Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a disease or a brain disorder,” Shadlou said of how obsessive it is for tourists. Some people are not obsessed and do not have the disease, and in such cases, they act rationally and check the destination during the trip. In other people, the obsession is dormant. They will get worse if left untreated. Now whether they travel or not. I believe that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder will be added to the disease, both in terms of travel and in terms of normal life.

“I don’t know how some people still insist on traveling in this situation,” he said. Although they traveled at the cost of their own lives and the lives of others during Eid, I am sure of one thing: after Corona, the population seeking travel under the guise of green and sustainable tourism is changing dramatically. Enthusiasts and activists of sustainable tourism are increasing. After this crisis, the tourism community will become more powerful and mature, both host and guest. The use of accommodation may even be reduced.

“Now the world of content production is important, what content we produce during and after the crisis,” he said. We need to know how much the customer likes our work style. The 4-star hotel may be more welcoming than eco-tours. But you have to see which 4-star hotel. Because some star hotels are weaker than low-star hotels. After Corona, the world becomes more cultured than ever before. Everything that the knowledge-based society imposes on tourism and the private sector happens in the post-Corona, forcing us to behave differently.

“After the Corona era, the age of creative and knowledge-based destinations for sustainable tourism is coming to an end,” Shadlou said. “If tourism is accompanied by Corona, people are looking for the dignity of travel in the world.” That is, they want to know what effect the trip will have. Effectiveness and effectiveness will be one of the main concerns of tourists after Corona. It is another time of leisure travel, and now it is a time when people want to be influenced by travel. So the place of travel in people’s minds changes.

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